Dangerous- Cascada

Anyone ever notice how all of Cascada’s MVs look exactly alike? Just sayin’ …

The song is about seeing a guy who is so sexy and powerful that he is literally dangerous to the girl. Their love is supposed to be so powerful, according to the lyrics, that she can’t see anything through it, even if the boy is unfaithful.
Give me a break/ I’m melting away/ you’re so dangerous/ is it too late/ I’m blinded by your eyes/ out of control/ ’cause you got it all/ you’re so dangerous/ my biggest mistake/ I’m blinded by your eyes


Story: 3/5
This is kind of interesting, though it got docked majorly for not following the song. In the video she can most definitely see through the guy’s charms. He is her boyfriend and leaves her for a trip one day. She watches security cameras where he switches cars with someone and drives not to the airport (Where he was supposed to be) but to a party where he hooks up with another girl then tries to steal a necklace from the safe. She sees him there and steals the necklace then his car.

Other Things
Ok, this was either filmed at the exact same time as Evacuate the Dance Floor or Cascada’s stylist and director need to be smacked. The sets are identical, just filmed from different angles, and her clothing is the same. You can get away with re-using a location if the clothes are different, but otherwise you’re pretty much screwed.

I’m gong to say this here: I got  a complaint last time about filing “Evacuate the Dance Floor” as an English MV. The only songs I listen to normally are in Chinese, English or Korean (Korean more than the other two). I file Japanese songs as Korean ones because the only Japanese group I have ever listened to are a Korean group who released some CDs overseas. Cascada may have songs in German, but you’ll notice that this song is in English, so it is filed with the other English songs. I have none of her German songs, and have never heard them.

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