Reverse Stalking of the Day

I’ve seen a couple more searches, and one was a question, so I’ll address both.

A couple of Reverse Stalking posts ago I had a couple of questions about how Super Junior’s Ryeowook managed to loose weight before debut. I’ve gotten another one and just wanted to let you know what I said to the others: I don’t know how he lost the weight. He said on a program he just dieted and exercised a lot, so I guess that is his secret. The other members tease him on programs for always cooking but not eating, but that is a REALLY bad way to loose weight, and he has said that isn’t how he keeps loosing the pounds.

Someone was looking for “2PM Profile 2010”. I’m going to assume you were looking for the Artist Profile for 2PM? You just need to click under “Artist Profile” and it will link you directly to their profile.

I got a couple of searches that were just for singers, so I’ll list where you can find some posts from them:

Super Junior/M/H/T/KRY (I tend to group the Sub-Groups with the main unit in everything but the profiles here)-
1) Any Super Junior review (Under “Reviews by Artist”)
2) Attack on the Pin Up Boys (Under Favorite Movies and Korean Movies)
3) Rant #1- Only 13 Controversy
4) Rant #7- Company Names in Songs
5) Rant #8- Super Junior- M Rumors
6) Rant #9- Gee
7) Rant #12- Keep Watching Your Words
8] Artist Profile- Super Junior
9) Artist Profile- Super Junior- M
10) Artist Profile: Super Junior- K.R.Y.
11) Any “What I’m Listening to” Post (I always have a song or two of theirs)

1) Any 2PM Review (Under “Reviews by Artist”)
2) Artist Profile- 2PM
3) What I’m Listening To
3) Rant #12- Keep Watching Your Words

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