Drowning- Backstreet Boys

This, as far as I can tell, came out back near the end of their US Promotions. It seems there were definitely five of them back then, so I wasn’t crazy when in the “Bigger” review I said I thought there were more!

This is a slower love song. It has a really nice pace and the lyrics are sweet. It is about being so in love with someone you feel like you are drowning. They sing about how when they are with the girl it feels like they are dreaming and the girl is what keeps them alive.
Every time I breathe I take you in/ and my heart beats again/ baby I can’t help it/ you keep me drowning in your love/ Every time I try to rise above/ I’m swept away by love/ baby I can’t help it/ you keep me drowning in your love

Backstreet Boys did dance to some songs, but for the most part it seems they just stand still.

There is no story in this MV. The members filmed in groups in different scenic places (it looks like different featured areas in a park). The old architecture is really nice though, it looks beautiful.

Other Things
OK, now I know which member is missing in the “Bigger” MV… I don’t remember his name, but at least I recognized him!

I just really like the set they used- that park. I think they needed some choreography or something, the members get awkward when they have nothing to do. Especially Nick Carter (the only one whose name I remember!). Near the end he keeps falling to his knees. He is the only one, which is better than if more than just him did it. It would look extra odd then.

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