February Song- Josh Groban

Finally! I get to review a song by my favorite English singer! If you haven’t checked out a track by this guy yet you really should. Visually his MVs aren’t great, but his voice is incredible~

I love this song. I don’t quite know what it is about, but I love it. I think the lyrics are about losing yourself slowly in the pressures of the world and apologizing to a girl for this. You be the judge though:
I never want to let you down/ forgive me if I slip away/ sometimes it’s hard to find my ground/ cause I keep on falling as I try to get away from this crazy world/ And I never want to let you down/ forgive me if I slip away/ all that I want is lost and found/ I promise you I, I’ll come back to you one day

Josh Groban never dances in an MV, and his songs aren’t really dance songs (though they are perfect if you want to slow dance).

There is no story to this MV, but I don’t know if it necessarily would have benefited from one. I think a lot of the songs charm is carried through the image of Josh Groban playing the piano alone in a deserted building as snow falls around him. Visually it isn’t impressive, but it seems to suit the song.

Other Things
This isn’t my favorite Josh Groban song (that would be either “Awake” or “So She Dances”), but it’s a good one. For those of you who are unfamiliar with his work I suggest you get a CD. My personal favorite is the “Awake” album, but “Closer” has some great songs on it too.

Josh Groban’s style is “Popera”. Basically he is a trained opera tenor who sings pop-style songs. His songs are always ballads, and he usually sings in English or Italian, but I’ve heard the odd French song. This song doesn’t showcase his vocals as much as some of the others on his CD (and I have no clue why there is no MV for the title song), but you should definitely give the MV a listen.

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