Reverse Stalking~!

Someone was asking about downloading the dance version of SHINee’s “Lucifer” for their iPod. Well, I know there are videos all of you probably want for your iPod and such, so I’m going to share my secret with you. Using this method you can download any YouTube video and put it on your iPod. It will be filed as a movie, just FYI, not an MV.

1) Go to
2) Download the YouTube Downloader there
~~You don’t give them any of your information to download, and I’ve never gotten a virus or anything from them. The only time they contact you is when an update of the Downloader is available, and that is an announcement made by the viewer itself. Based on my experience I assure you it is a safe website and download.
3) When it is all installed and whatnot go to YouTube
4) Search for whatever video you want to download
5) Copy the web address for the video
~~Never copy channel pages, you have to actually be on a page with just the video for it to work right
6) Open the downloader and hold your mouse over the text box, it will automatically read the web address you just copied without you having to paste it
7) Click “Ok”, make sure you are saving the video to your “Videos” folder or somewhere you can find it
~~My friend didn’t pay attention and lost a bunch of her videos, she ended up having to play hide and seek with them.
8) When it is done downloading click the button at the bottom of the downloader “Convert Video (Previously Downloaded) from file”
9) Select the “iPhone Video” option from the drop down menu that just became click-able
10) Click “Ok” a couple of times
11) You can also convert videos to PSP format and a bunch of other ones. It will normally download as an MP4.
12) When the conversion is complete it might say that another version of that file exists and ask if it is ok to overwrite, jut say “Yes”. Any MP4 be it iPhone Video format or PSP format will play on your computer no problem.

Hope that helped! I absolutely love this downloader! I download all my MVs through it and also a bunch of different media programs I want to check out for style and format and everything (Since I want to direct shows like that after college). My friend tried to copy my entire collection and there were over 1,400 videos. I had a minor heart attack because I didn’t even realize I had that many (and I’ve downloaded tons of MVs since then). The moral of this story (why I’m sharing it) is to let you know that all of those were downloaded with the YouTube Downloader, it is a really great program!

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