Helpless When She Smiles- Backstreet Boys

Visually this is a great MV, but you’ll notice some similarities with N*SYNC’s “Gone”. Namely the whole thing is black and white.

Interesting… The lyrics are very Country Singer. In fact I would go so far as to say this is a country song sung wrong. Not meaning the group sounds bad, they sound great, but in the sense that they don’t do that back throat whiny sound Country singers do. The sound is very pop, but the lyrics and music really wants to make it a Country song. The theme of the song you can guess by the title. It’s about being totally in love with a girl and no matter what happens they can’t do anything because of her smile.
I’m a house of cards in a hurricane/ a reckless ride in the pourin’ rain/ she cuts me and the pain is all I wanna feel/ she danced away just like a child/ she drives me crazy, drives me wild/ but I’m helpless when she smiles

None here. But seriously, Nick Carter REALLY looks like he wants to. He doesn’t seem to know what to do with himself when he has no choreography. He keeps trying to make his own in the background, so you have some pretty epic solo shots, but it doesn’t look very coordinated with him doing his own thing in the background.

You see none of this, but the scenery is nice. I’m making an educated guess based on 7 years of living in the area, but I’m thinking they filmed in California around mid-summer. I’m basing this off of rolling fields of dead grass, but it looks like Cali. It actually looks like this place near where I lived there… But that’s beside the point. There are a lot of scenery shots, and some pretty awesome helicopter work, but I like the calmer scenery with this song.

Other Things
This has a very serious country feel to it in everything but the voices. The lyrics, the angles and scenery all scream Country music….

I like that they filmed this in black and white. Especially with the scenery. California tends to be very brown and bright blue, especially in the summer. Almost everything is dead. I think the stark contrast of colors would have made the picture less clear than when they just filmed in two main colors. You get a much sharper feel from the images than you would otherwise. Clapping for the Director is mandatory.

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