Hug (English Version)- Dong Bang Shin Ki

Omo~! do you have any idea how hard it was to find this MV??? I suggest you download it as soon as possible if you want it, since it’s been disappearing from YouTube at a rather epic rate. Since it was recorded as Tohoshinki (see Dong Bang Shin Ki’s Artist Profile for that explanation) SM doesn’t upload it on their YouTube page and since it is old and therefore before their official foray into the Japanese market AVEX doesn’t upload it either~

Just like the Korean version (Which I didn’t review, I’m really lacking in english subbed DBSK videos~) this song is a confession of love for the girl they love. They talk about being unable to keep quiet about their feelings. I have to say that the English is a little choppy and there are some issues with it not fitting together well. The Grammar is fine, but they repeat some phrases back to back in an effort to match the rhythm of the original song, but I think they did a pretty good job… It just has that sound to it like the person who translated it was not a native English speaker… I don’t really know how to describe it. It’s good, but it isn’t a natural cross over between languages like their other songs. It’s kind of an awkward translation. And there are a lot of extra words that aren’t needed… And one phrase doesn’t make sense (the last in the chorus).
“Whenever you look in my eyes/ there are so many smiles in the Earth (it is either “In the earth” or “in there”)/ I was born to love/ feel so deep inside/ if you need me I’ll be your man/ whenever you look in my eyes/ I do want to show you my love/ I make up my mind/ make your dreams come true/ nobody can stop me to say/ I love you”

DBSK sometimes dances, meaning they usually dance but the MVs usually feature the members standing still. This is a still one, but to be perfectly fair the Korean Version was also stationary. I think for the set they used (a large concert hall where they stand in the center) they really should have been dancing… But oh well.

There isn’t a story to this MV, it is purely shots of the members, and absolutely nothing else. So visually it is kind of repetitive and dull, especially since they are using like 2 sets only, but I think this was a kind of half-MV, meaning they put all their work into the Korean Version and this one was kind of made last minute when they released this album in Japan. I guess I mean to say it doesn’t feel as sincere an MV as any of their others.

Other Things
You can tell they spent a lot of time working on pronunciation. Even though the English is really sketchy (I think the phrase “Nobody can stop me to say I love you” is a mistranslation that was supposed to be more like “Nobody can stop me from saying I love you”) and there are a lot of unnecessary words (“I do want to show you my love” can just be “I want to show you my love”) the English is understandable and very clear. They did a great job. Usually when groups do English songs they can only pull them off if they have an English-speaking member in the group, and since DBSK has Mickey (Who lived in Virginia for a while, or as Junsu says it “Ver-gina”) they had that extra boost.

I like the song, I really do. Not as much as the Korean version, but it’s nice to hear DBSK and be able to understand them without having to worry about subtitles. I think they should have used one of the English-speaking trainees at SM Entertainment to double-check everything (but this was around 2005 and at that point the only English trainee they might have had would be Jessica or Tiffany from SNSD).

DBSK is kind of a funny group, and you see a bit of that here. They are really great at singing. They are really great and dancing. They are really bad at lip-sync. It’s kind of  an epic thing in their MVs, especially with this one being in a foreign language. That is something they really needed to work on as a group. But now that they are disbanded I guess it isn’t really an issue~

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