Reverse Stalking-!

Ok, I’ve seen 2 searches that were unclear, and 1 request for full lyrics that I will be ignoring.

1) C.N. BLUE
I’m not sure if you were looking for their MVs or if you were requesting more reviews of the group. As far as I’ve been able to find there are only 2 MVs out right now, but I’ll keep looking. If you wanted C.N.BLUE reviews you can look under “Reviews by Artist” on the Menu and click their name. I’ve reviewed “Love” and “I’m a Loner”.

2) Nick Carter
I haven’t reviewed anything that was of this solo Backstreet Boy. Under “Reviews by Artist” you’ll find all the Backstreet Boys MVs I’ve done so far.

Ok, and the Full Lyric request I got that I am ignoring is the one for Show Luo’s “Love Does Not Travel Alone”. If you were wondering why I’m ignoring it, that’s because it is the 2nd song I did full lyrics for. You might have to click back a little, but it is there, I promise. I’ve been getting TONS of requests for this one in the last few days… Before you request anything please take a look to make sure I didn’t already post it.

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