Announcement- Yayness!

I won’t be posting much for a while. In 5 days I fly to Korea for a 10.5 month study abroad program. I will still do reviews, but I probably won’t get around to it until I am more settled, so I anticipate a month break from reviews at most.

It isn’t all work though, I am going a week early to Seoul to explore a bit with my mother, and while I’m there I will be going to SM Town Live ’10. This means I get to see Super Junior (KRY, M, H, T), SNSD, F(x), SHINee, TRAX, DBSK (Yunho and Max), BoA, Kangta, and others live in concert!!!! ^^ I’m excited.

Now for the “yayness” and the reason for the announcement: I finally found REALLY good quality versions of Hangeng’s MV’s with English Subs!!! Yay!!! Before I take a break and sleep for a few hours I’m planning on reviewing all 3 MVs and creating his “Artist Profile”. It is the first time I’m doing one for a solo singer, but I think there is a lot of background to explain for his career, so it won’t be short by any means! (thank whatever God you pray to (if you pray) for wikipedia ^^)

Hope you are all having fun looking through the site! I’m going to get back to reviewing English MVs, I just did a round of updating my collection (again) and so I should be more organized with my reviews and have a larger selection (though I don’t listen to very many artists, so I don’t know how large of a selection we’re talking here).

Again, please feel free to recommend MVs to me! I prefer Korean, English, or Chinese as far as languages are concerned, and I really hate crude (sexual or racist) rap and any form of country music. ^^

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