Holding an Umbrella- Hangeng

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This MV is very much unrelated to the other two. If “Moths to Flame (Fire)” and “Say No” really are supposed to form a story then this is the outlier.

This song can actually be taken two different ways. Either it is a song about being thankful to a lover for always being there for them or a song thanking parents for their love and support (this is what the MV leans towards). The song asks what would happen if they had never met, would the singer still be able to be as happy as they are? Though no doubt there are going to be fangirls who insist this is a secret message to Super Junior~
What would happen if I didn’t meet you?/ Would my heart still be wandering?/ In an unknown night an unknown wound hurts/ delusions/ what would happen if I didn’t meet you?/ would I still be able to see this heaven?/ You always silently accompany me by my side/ you’ve taught me how to be strong

There is no dancing in this MV. Though Hangeng was recently voted the “Dancing King of Asia” over usual winner Show Luo, he only danced in his first MV “Moths to Flame (Fire)”.

Story: 5/5
This is a REALLY sad story~ You see Hangeng as a normal kid living with his parents. He leaves for work on his bike after bidding farewell to both. On the way he picks a bundle of small wild flowers. He isn’t having a good day though. Coming out of a turn he is hit by a truck (not hard). He gets up, dusts himself off, naggs the driver, and goes on his way. He is a night patrol man somewhere and during his patrols he is attacked by a ferocious~ puppy ^^ He shares his food with it and plays. Hangeng then returns to his post where he spends the rest of the night trying to write a letter to someone. He returns home the next day to crying faces and a crowd at his home. Upon seeing his body on the ground in front of his parents he realizes he was actually killed when the truck hit him, and his body is still holding tightly to the flowers. For me the saddest part of all this is that it means the dog was dead too! 😦 and it was REALLY cute…. 😦

Other Things
This is the second MV Hangeng filmed with no makeup or hair styling done as a way to keep with the theme of being reborn.

I think the two story MVs were Hangeng’s way of finally getting to act, something he continuously complained about when he was with SM Entertainment (for 2 years I think he mentioned in almost every interview he would love to get an acting opportunity).

I *am* keeping score, and this is the third MV in which Hangeng dies. The others are Zhang Li Yin’s “Timeless” and “Left Shore of Happiness/ I Will” series. Though if you count “Timeless Part 1” and “Timeless Part 2” it is the fourth. I still need to review those…

This song, I think, really illustrates what Hangeng meant when he said that for this album he has no theme, he sings song styles he’s always wanted to, regardless if they are dance songs or not. “Say No” and “Moths to Flame (Fire)” both have a similar feel, at least you can imagine them being on the same album, but this is a very slow and simple ballad.


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