Moths to Flame (Fire)- Hangeng

This is Hangeng’s first solo MV for his album “Rebirth”.

The song is about love making you crazy, but it goes a bit more into detail than you usually see. Repeatedly Hangeng asks if he is sober or drunk and talks about love’s poisoning touch. The name of the song comes from a line where he says he would “rather be a moth to flame”. The content of the song is very good. It has more verse and less chorus than other songs I’ve heard. I think this is what will set Hangeng apart from all the other soloists, other than his musical origins with Super Junior I mean.
(I) I have a type of feeling/ (will) that will push me forward/ (fly) to fly past the horizon just to get closer to you/ (crazy) Insane, accustomed to hallucinations/ (crazy) Wildly indulged in music/ (love) love is hard to undo, slipping past the border of dreams/ a multi-colored world

The dance is themed around the year of the Tiger (This year in the Chinese calendar, also Hangeng’s year). I personally think it is a little simple for him, and I don’t think I like the tiger claws hand form through the whole thing. The dance seemed a little halting, like it starts and stops repeatedly between sets. It’s not an easy dance, Hangeng is definitely going all out.

Story: NA-ish/5
There is a comic-book like story in the beginning and end showing Hangeng as being trapped by reporters always looking for dirt on him. My personal opinion, since the comic story is disjointed from the rest of the MV, is that it is a lead-in for his next one “Say No” and that it might be addressing the media cloud that descended around him when he finally came out of “hiding” (for lack of a better word) after his sudden departure from Super Junior. I’ll explain all that in his Artist Profile and you can judge for yourself.

Other Things
There is a message at the end that is either a tie-in to “Say No” or a statement from Hangeng to those who criticized (and still do) his departure from Super Junior. You choose, here it is: “Music&My Life/ I don’t care what other people say I’m going to make my own way.”

I REALLY don’t like Hangeng’s look in this MV. Nothing against Hangeng himself, I just think the makeup is way too heavy and his hair has too much in it. Again, this might be a reference to his feeling over-produced under SM Entertainment, but either way I think it is just too much. Hangeng isn’t bad looking on his own (I’ve always thought he was pretty cute at least) but for some reason they really caked on the makeup.

Early articles said that Hangeng’s 3 MVs fit together to tell a story. I think this one fits in to “Say No” (Which I’ll review next) very well, but the connection is purely through the comics at the beginning and end.

Hangeng’s album, mentioned in the beginning and end, is called “Rebirth”, as the Chinese for this includes the “Geng” character for his name. The theme of the album was that he would only sing the songs he wants to sing, and he is currently not contracted to any music company. All songs are produced by his own team and he is in charge of schedules and such.

I really do like this song, I just think the MV is a bit… odd. I must say I like the song a lot more after finally seeing subtitles. The content is good, and it is a fresh kind of love song.

No legal issues have risen, this is just something going around by the netizens (Online fans or anti-fans), but there is a murmur that this song was plagiarized from a song written and composed by U-Know Yunho of DBSK (SM Entertainment). However, if there really was a great similarity I think SM Entertainment would have been quick to file a lawsuit against Hangeng. As it is the company seems ready to put all of this behind them. I will keep an eye out for you all and let you know if anything else comes of this.

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    Totally agree.

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