Say No- Hangeng

Ok, this is *Definately* a story MV, and if it isn’t about the suffering of Hangeng under SM Entertainment then I will eat my words. I’m that confident.

The song is about living a life of fame and luxury, unable to “say no” to anything.  The lyrics talk about becoming tired with this lifestyle and slowly loosing everything that was them. It walks about feeling like a stone from the pain and pressure. Since this is basically what Hangeng said in his Contract Termination lawsuit I’m pretty confident it is about him leaving SM and finding his way on his own. He asks if the last few years have been a waste and talks about enduring through hard times and finally having the freedom to “Say no”.
At this time I only want to loudly say no/ without a moments hesitation and unrestrictedly say no/ even if I have to receive wounds all over my body/ In exchange for letting go at this moment/ day after day tiredness accumulates in my chest/ I lie down and feel like I’m a rock, unable to preserve anything/ what can be considered an exit/ give me a moment of freedom

There is no dancing to this song whatsoever

Story: 5/5
The story in this MV is actually really sweet. It is about Hangeng being surrounded constantly by reporters and needing a break. He is trapped in his own house by the constant presence of cameras and when he tries to sneak out he is crowded to the point where he falls off of the staircase and ends up injured in the hospital with a neck injury and a cast around his arm. Hangeng has with him a postcard from New Zealand. He escapes the hospital and takes the first flight there, meaning to hike on a long journey to the location the postcard was taken. On the way he meets and falls in love with a Chinese girl who accompanies him. She grows weak and collapses, however, and is taken by helicoptor. Hangeng chases it and sits waiting for news. Eventually he continues on his journey to the mountain peak, reaching it eventually.

Other Things
This entire MV was filmed without Hangeng wearing any makeup or having his hair done. It is meant to carry the theme of being reborn as his self after having to put on an image all through Super Junior promotions.

This was actually filmed on location in New Zealand with Hangeng climbing the mountain himself.

Like I said, if this song isn’t about the hardships he faced in SM and finally being able to lead his own life then I don’t deserve to review MVs.

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