Announcement/Reverse Stalking- Full Lyrics Section Change

Alright, to help with your confusion I have edited the Full Lyrics section a little. Now, you will notice, on the menu *points right* under “Full Lyrics” are the groups I have done a “Full Lyrics” post for. If you click Show Luo you’ll find all of his and if you click 2AM you will find theirs as well. One thing though: under “Super Junior” I will post full lyrics by them AS WELL AS ALL SUB GROUPS. I’m doing it this way because I already think the menu for my page is kind of long, this way it’s simpler. So in the sense of “Super Junior” I mean the entire organization, not just the parent group.

I guess this also kind of falls under “Reverse Stalking”- those of you asking for “Travel Alone” or “Love’s Main Show” lyrics- THEY ARE ALL FILED UNDER SHOW LUO AND FULL LYRICS. I’ve been getting a lot of requests for these two and I already posted the lyrics!

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