Reverse Stalking- YMCA?

Someone was looking for “Kibum dracula Jack Sparrow Donghae” and I *think* I know what you wanted. Were you referring to Super Show 1 where the members dressed up and performed YMCA and Wonder Boys? Donghae wasn’t Jack Sparrow, that was Heechul, but it is the only thing I can think of with the members and those characters, so here is the clip for that. It isn’t an actual MV so I can’t review it, but I LOVE this performance!

If you can’t tell here is the character breakdown: Yesung- Japanese demon; Leeteuk- I actually don’t know; Donghae- I don’t know but he is wearing the outfit from “Rokkugo”; Ryeowook- Harry Potter; Siwon- Zorro; Hangeng- Chinese Prince; Kyuhyun- Military Officer; Kibum- Dracula; Sungmin- Peter Pan or Robin Hood; Eunhyuk- Bruce Lee; Heechul- Jack Sparrow; Shindong- Fred Flintstone; Kangin- A clown.

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