What I’m Listening To

This will be the last for a while, at least until I get settled at University (leaving Seoul for Wonju in less than 3 days!!!)

I just got TONS of new CDs at this record shop in the COEX mall nearby, so I’ve got a lot of new songs to listen to ^^ Most of the CDs I heard at least a preview of on the flight (our plane had entire CDs to listen to!), so the genre is a bit narrow ^^ I’m just copying the 10 songs in my “New Music” list- it is where I put representative songs of each CD.

Song Title: All or Nothing
Singer: O-Town
Language: English
Album: Unknown

Song Title: Bbi Ri Bba Bba
Singer: Narsha
Language: Korean
Album: Narsha (First Solo Album)

Song Title: Cold Hearted Man (Let You Go)
Singer: TRAX
Language: Korean
Album: The 1st Mini Album

Song Title: Fame
Singer: Various
Language: English
Album: Fame Soundtrack (2009)

Song Title: For Your Entertainment
Singer: Adam Lambert
Language: (English)
Album: For Your Entertainment

Song Title: Hurricane Venus
Singer: BoA
Language: Korean
Album: Hurricane Venus

Song Title: Mister
Singer: KARA
Language: Korean
Album: Revolution

Song Title: One Better Day
Singer: MBLAQ
Language: Korean
Album: 2nd Mini Album [Y]

Song Title: Prologue
Singer: 2AM
Language: Instrumental
Album: 1st Mini Album

Song Title: The Winner Takes All
Singer: ABBA
Language: English
Album: Unknown

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