Reverse Stalking- Clearing Some Stuff Up

Like I promised I’ve been keeping an eye on what you all search for, and I’ve also gotten a few comments on the blog I’ve been wanting to address.

1) So far all the requests I’ve gotten are for lyrics for songs I’ve already posted the lyrics for (Hangeng’s “Fire” and Show Luo’s “Love Doesn’t Travel Alone”). In the case of the Show Luo song I think there is some confusion. “Love Doesn’t Travel Alone” is the title I used because that is the direct translation, but it also falls under another title: “You Won’t Be Alone”. At least whenever I do a search for it “Love Doesn’t Travel Alone” comes up. So look under the title I’ve been using and you’ll find your lyrics.

2) I’ll post the lyrics to S.E.O.U.L. Song sometime this week (maybe even today).

3) I got a request for a “Shinhwa Rant”…. I don’t really know anything about the group so I’m not sure what you wanted me to rant about? Was there some kind of controversy?

4) This is my main announcement  regarding the comments I’ve been getting on the page. I asked previously for help in getting info on some of the groups I still need to do artist profiles on- since I can’t find much information on them. I’ve gotten some really great comments with really helpful info (especially one on KARA), but the comments are all in places they should not be. For example the KARA comment was on Super Junior K.R.Y.’s Artist Profile. If you post info about a group (which is REALLY helpful to me) please do it under “Recommendations”, not a different group’s profile or a different singer’s MV review. Or even post it on any “Reverse Stalking”. When it is irrelevant to the article it is marked as spam and I eventually delete it. But if you could re-post here or in “recommendations” I would be really grateful.

Ok- so that’s everything I’ve gotten requests for. PLEASE USE THE MENU TO FIND FULL LYRICS- everything I have so far is organized by artist there. I’ve gotten a lot of “Full lyrics to ### by ### please” requests for lyrics I’ve already posted. Eventually I’ll be reviewing Big Bang MV’s- my roommates are fans and I’ve been downloading a bunch.

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