Cause I Believe- Show Luo

This is the OST for the Taiwanese drama “Hot Shot”.

This is a very sweet song about being madly in love with a girl. It isn’t about asking the girl to love them in return, it is just saying they feel blessed to be in love with them and wishing the girl nothing but happiness. There is one line that really stands out “If you have already fallin in love with his name I am willing to be gradually forgotten”.
Cause I believe in the law of Inextinguishable Happiness/ who will give you the beauty in your palms/ silence keeps words inside/ just let my heart quietly guard you/ blessings don’t need echos

Show Luo is known as the “Dance King of Asia” (it’s a poll done yearly, he usually wins, but this year he came in second under Hangeng). In this MV though he doesn’t dance, as it is an OST.

I haven’t seen the drama this came from, I just know it’s really popular. Just take the song apart from the MV and it tells a story of it’s own.

Other Things
I don’t really have anything to say about this MV. It’s one of Show Luo’s calmer and sweeter ones, like “Love Doesn’t Travel Alone”.

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