Time for Miracles- Adam Lambert

Was this song in “2012”? Because if not I won’t believe you. Every background shot is a reference to the movie, and there are shots from the movie in it. I saw “2012” about 4 times in theaters and I don’t remember this song from it, but still.

The song is about facing the end of a relationship and wishing there was a way to save it… Or it is about being lonely and without love and wishing for one last chance at love. Either way it is asking for a miracle, saying it is time for even a little hope and luck.
I know this flame isn’t dying/ so nothing can keep me from trying/ baby you know that/ maybe it’s time for miracles/ cause I ain’t givin’ up on love/ you know that/ maybe it’s time for miracles/ cause I ain’t giving up on love”

None- just some shots directly from “2012” and some shots that are kind of like “While this was happening lets look on the next street”. Their favorite theme is the scene where LA is being destroyed by an earthquake. You don’t see the cast directly (the limo a lot), but you see people running and Lambert walking calmly down the street singing amidst the destruction.

Watch 2012. I don’t think this song fits perfectly into the movie, but I’ve seen worse choices. For example: “What I’ve Done” in “Transformers”. That song made absolutely no sense as the credit song. But this one works I guess. It draws more focus to the love story aspect of the movie, namely the love story between the President’s daughter and the scientist (I don’t remember character names… The girl from “Avatar” and the guy from “Serenity”). I think the song in the MV focuses more on the idea of asking God for a miracle after all the horrors of the movie “2012”.

Other Things

Take the song away from the plot for “2012” and you have a totally different meaning. Just saying.

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