Oh My Goddess- TRAX

This is the one that just came out today ^_^

I’m a little unclear about the purpose of this song. I think the subs for the one I have are a little unclear, I’ve seen a couple of mistakes here and there and I’m wondering if I just need to wait for something clearer. Anyways, from what I can tell I think the song is about being madly in love with a beautiful and kind girl and saying they would be willing to do anything for them. It’s a confession of love and is really nice. The pace is fast the lyrics are catchy, I love it and I’m sure it will do extremely well!
The eyes, the eyes get me to look only at you girl/ my heart, my heart is already filled by you/ accept it, my heart’s impatiently waiting baby/ the eyes, the eyes that only look at you boy/ my heart, my heart that stole her heart, boy/ oh, enough with the things that will tire me more/ no more baby/ oh my goddess

It’s TRAX, there is none.

I don’t think there is a story to this MV. The song is carried by shots of TRAX in a white house wearing all white as well as shots of this MV’s leading lady Seohyun from SNSD dressed in white and smiling or doing other things that kind of make me think the camera is the boy watching her.

Other Things
I got to see this song performed live at SM Town Live two weeks ago ^^ it was an awesome preview and I’ve had the song stuck in my head since then, so I was REALLY excited to hear the preview of the song in the teaser.

Jay (the singer) is looking extremely young as opposed to how he looked in TRAX’s last video. I like that SM singers are releasing lighter and happier songs (Super Junior’s No Other being the other one). When a singer smiles in a song they always look cooler ^^ And Jay is actually quite cute when he smiles (ok, that’s enough fan-girling for one review).

There are a few shots in this that really make me want to meet the director and shake his hand. It’s your typical circle shot, but with the members jumping and turning slightly in the same direction the cameras spin. You’ll see it for yourself, but it’s really amazing. I love the shot! Also the intro just before the first chorus of the song when the camera flashes between the singer and Jungmo (the guitarist) in white. That looks brilliant!

I love the set, that’s all I can say. My favorite things here are the set and how cute the singer looks when he’s smiling or doing that half-pout thing he goes into ^^

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