Reverse Stalking- Figuring It Out

I have a new theory as to why I keep getting requests for the EXACT SAME LYRICS: I might not have made a feature of the Full Lyrics section clear and assumed you would notice it.

I realized that I don’t get requests strictly for the lyrics to an entire song, it is always for the English or Pinyin/Romanized lyrics. If you scroll down under the Korean or Chinese characters (sometimes pinyin/romanization is mixed in too) you will find the other lyrics. For my “Full Lyrics” section I ALWAYS post the characters the song is written in (Hangul or Chinese), then the pinyin/romanization (Sometimes they are mixed together) and the English last.

So if you look you will always find it. If I cannot find a section then I either don’t post the lyrics at all or I make a note saying I couldn’t find them, but otherwise it is there.

Please keep requesting full lyrics! If I don’t get requests I’ll just share with you what I like.

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