Reverse Stalking- Good Question~

Someone asked me a question via the search bar (for those of you who are new if you type anything into the search bar I can see exactly what you are looking for, so you can make requests by searching for something you want): Who is the leader of Super Junior K.R.Y.?

That’s an excellent question. I don’t know.

Lol! It’s odd, but SJ K.R.Y. is one of the unique sub-groups. This is attributed to them because of the members (two being maknae’s and one being…well… Yesung). Super Junior K.R.Y. is known for always introducing themselves not as KRY but as Super Junior- refusing to differentiate themselves from the main group. They are the only sub-group to do so. Another side of this is that they don’t formally have a leader. Yesung is the eldest and therefore takes care of the other two and acts as a leader, but I don’t think he is by name. SJ K.R.Y. is one of those special cases because of the members it consists of, plus they were the very first of the sub-groups.

I hope that answered your question. In short- it is kind of Yesung and kind of not.

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