Announcement: WOOT WOOT- NEW FEATURE!!!!!


In my last announcement I mentioned I was working on something that could be really cool and help you get a better idea of my opinions on MVs. Well, it worked!

Your hint, by the way, was when I said it would make it easier for me to provide a COMMENTARY on the MV.

So now I unveil our new section- and I hope you all love it!


This new section isn’t actually a part of “Reviews by Kristen”- it’s through YouTube!

I will be re-watching all of the MV’s I’ve reviewed here (or at least most of them) and making direct notes as to what I like about the MV and what just doesn’t work or make sense. I’m adding these comments as subtitles to the MV itself and uploading it through my youtube channel: MVCommentaryRBK

You can watch the MVs here with the commentary added. It is a little different than the reviews I’ve done, I mostly point out what I don’t like and go after the director for little things like camera placement and angles, but I try to keep it a little light for you. Hope you enjoy and check it out! When I upload a new MV I’ll add a post here with a link to it! And please remember that even if I get a bit snarky and pick on the people in the MV, I really do support all the artists I’ve done reviews for.

So here is your first MV Commentary- Super Junior- M’s “Blue Tomorrow”!!!

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