Announcement- New Videos on our YouTube Channel!

I couldn’t post this in the “MV Commentary” section because it isn’t đŸ™‚

I keep getting requests for recommendations and who to listen to in order to get an idea of Korean music. I didn’t have much to do today (well, I didn’t have ANYTHING to do today) so I thought I’d make something to help you out!

I’ve created three videos (so far, there are more in the works) that give a pretty good intro to where Korean idol music stands these days. Each video is divided by groups that were first divided by when they debuted. You’ll see what I mean later. Anyways, I took the most popular song from each  group and then took a 30 second (ish) clip from that MV. I think it gives you a good idea where things are, and each clip has the band, when they debuted, what company they are from, and what the song title is, so if you hear something you’ve never heard before and liked you can look it up.

Oh, and if a group has changed as far as the member lineup goes they get one MV with the original members and one MV with the new members and I added a blurb at the top saying how the membership lineup changed.

Here are the video links and the list from each.

Intro to K-Pop Part 1- The Newbies

2ne1- Fire
4 Minute- Muzik
Beast- Shock
C.N. Blue- I’m A Loner
F(x)- Nu ABO
Miss A- Bad Girl Good Girl
Secret- Magic

Intro to K-Pop Part 2- The Veterans

2AM- I Was Wrong
2PM- Again and Again, Without U
After School- Diva, Because of You
FT Island- Love Sick, I Hope
KARA- If U Wanna, Lupin
SHINee- Lucifer
Super Junior- M- SuperGirl
Super Junior- T- Rokkugo

Intro to K-Pop Part 3- The Legends

This one is special- these are artists with at least three chart-topping hits, and each of those three (four in some cases) are presented here. They are all SM Entertainment groups, which tells you who is the top of the music scene right now!
BoA- No 1, Girls on Top, Hurricane Venus
DBSK- Rising Sun, O- Jung. Ban. Hap., Mirotic
So Nyeo Shi Dae- Gee, Tell Me Your Wish (Genie), Oh!, Run Devil Run
Super Junior- TWINS (Knock Out), U, Sorry Sorry, Minah (Bonamana)

I hope you all enjoy!

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