Announcement: *excited squeak*

I can’t review it yet, because there is no English Subtitle and I have to understand the story in the song before I can comment on the one in the MV, but there is a new MV from SM Entertainment! (their singers are absolute quality, just sayin’)

So can you guess who is making their comeback? No, it’s not Super Junior- M, even though they announced they are preparing to release a new album later this year, it’s KANGTA!!!! One of SM’s original singers is making his comeback after THREE YEARS (he went to the army) and- if that’s not amazing enough- HE’S DANCING!!! I think this is the first time I’ve seen Kangta dance in an MV that isn’t from H.O.T. days!

I hope his fans get a subbing team together quickly, when Kangta was last active it was before YouTube really became as big as it is now, so I don’t think they have one set up yet. He’s making his comeback in the CHINESE (not Korean) market, so I don’t know how popular he is over there.

Like I said I can’t wait to review this MV- I already have a bit to say on it, but I’ll wait. Don’t worry, it isn’t all fangirl happy prattling, there are some things I can tell right off that need work, but still- KANGTA’S MAKING A COMEBACK!

Oh- and on to more serious matters.

I know I’m lacking on the English reviews, and I’ll try to get back on top of that. I’ve been watching some MVs, but nothing very new. I’ve gotten some recommendations I still need to follow through on and I need to get MVs for some of my favorites.

Recently I got “Alejandro” from Lady Gaga and tried to watch it. I’ll need to prepare myself before I try to watch further- it’s basically soft-core porn half the time, and I wasn’t expecting that from Lady Gaga. I know she usually does wild stuff, but this was really out there.

I have some Adam Lambert stuff I still need to review, but I’m kind of disappointed after hearing him sing live (I didn’t get to see him live, I watched a few clips online) so it’ll be a while before I bring myself to watch him again…

I’m also planning on doing a rant or two. I think I’ll just do one rant about English singers and how they can’t sing live (at least most of them can’t, there are exceptions and they will get praised) and don’t dance. But if I decide I have a lot to say on the topic I might split it into how English singers can’t sing and then another about how they can’t dance. IDK.

Most of my reviews on here are first-generation. That means I don’t pre-write anything. Every review, every announcement and whatever else I type is un-edited. If the info changes (like on Artist Profiles) I’ll either immediately edit the info or just post an update (like the DBSK one). Either way I don’t pre-write anything, even updates.

I’m saying this so you understand that until I write something I don’t know how it will turn out. Let me know now what you think of a rant on English singers (who should be included and whatnot), because if you tell me later it won’t be in the main article.

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who visits!!! Today we hit 1,000 visitors and you don’t know how happy that makes me ^_^ I honestly get excited if even one person visits a day, and now I’m averaging 13-15 views a day, so I really appreciate it. ^_^

So everyone who reads this gets an e-hug ^^ \(^_^)/

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