Chef’s Kiss

I know you probably wouldn’t count this as a show since it’s a Variety show. I forgot to warn you that since I want to work on Variety shows at some point  after college I tend to watch them more than dramas. I’ll review a couple of dramas for you later on (it’s 2AM here so I can’t exactly say tomorrow, but I need to sleep sometime), but for now this is what I have. I don’t usually review Variety shows, but after watching a few episodes I have some comments (I think it’s still being filmed?).

Chef’s Kiss is one of those shows that belongs solely to one group: U-Kiss (hence the title). Basically it isn’t made to last, just to entertain kids and fill a time block for a couple of months. The show seems to be split into two episodes for each part of the challenge, so here is the breakdown.

Part 1
The members of U-Kiss (who apparently live in a dorm now, they used to live separately) are brought a covered box containing a live version of that week’s main ingredient. For example the first ingredient was Chicken, so a chicken in a cage was brought to them. They then get a day to research different foods they can make using Chicken as their main. They can look things up online, call friends, or visit restaurants to get tips. Then they gather together at a filming kitchen where they are observed by two hosts- one an actress (I believe) and the other a professional chef. They are pre-divided into teams (Kevin and Eli, Kibum and Soohyun, and Kiseop, Dongho and Alexander) and each team makes a single serving of their meal. There is a taste-test and one recipe is chosen as the best.

U-Kiss then hits the streets to promote their restaurant that opens once a week for the filming of the show- the U-KisSteakhouse (ironically they haven’t served steak yet). After their promotions are over they prepare to head to the restaurant itself and are divided into the cooking team and the serving team. The cooking team is whichever members won the taste test and the serving team acts as waiters in the restaurant that night.

Part 2
The fans are seated in the restaurant and experience the cooking for themselves. The show also chronicles the difficulties the members have in the kitchen and on the floor due to food not being prepared right or service being too slow. The kitchen group is under the supervision of Chef Kim, one of their judges, and the waiters are under the supervision of the actress MC. Neither can directly help though, only give advice. At the end of their meal the customers are asked to fill out comment cards and these are used to determine if the food was a success or failure.

My Comments

The show doesn’t go through that introduction period you usually see (one episode that doesn’t follow the pattern of the others as a way to get the feel of the show). The members are just kind of thrown into the thick of things. This causes a lot of problems in the show and the overall feeling of the first few episodes is that they were kind of sloppily done. I think that intro episode would have saved the show, but as it is to just dump singers into a restaurant with real customers and say “yay- cook!” is a HORRIBLE idea. The whole notion of the show- singers running their own restaurant- is great and all, but you can’t just put them down and expect everything to turn out. I think the PD should have done the intro to get the singers trained for their experience. It really feels sloppy and badly arranged. Not only are U-Kiss members scrambling, but the cameramen seem to be desperate to find things to film. It’s very aimless and there isn’t much tension or any reason to get sucked into watching. I hope the show improves as everyone gets their feet under them, but this is really a prime example of how important that intro is.

You can find the show on youtube with or without subs, so I won’t post a link.

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