Announcement- Love Frequency Full Lyrics/ Show Reviews

I know I said in my last Reverse Stalking post that I would get the full lyrics to Kangta’s “Love Frequency” for you. There is a hitch though- I can get the Chinese lyrics no problem, but the Pinyin and English aren’t online yet. Well, kind of. I can get them off youtube videos, but I can’t find them in text, so I’m going to have to type them up myself for you. I probably won’t get to it tomorrow, maybe not tuesday. The earlier in the week it is the busier my university schedule is. I’ll try to get it out Wednesday night though. If not then Saturday or Sunday (I have an out of town field trip this weekend).

But anyways please be patient, I’ll get it to you within a week… I hope…

Also I’m sorry I didn’t post those show reviews I promised, I’ll do “Personal Taste” right after posting this and then I’m going to go back through and see what show reviews I’ve done. I’m also looking for recommendations on shows. I’ll watch anything in Taiwanese, Chinese or Korean. English shows are a maybe- I don’t want to watch anything that goes on for more than 2 seasons. English shows tend to go until they burn to ashes, and I don’t have time to sit and watch several seasons.

Thanks again to everyone for reading this page!!! When I started it I would get SSOO excited when even one person a day visited, and I still do ^^ Also whenever anyone leaves a comment or asks a question via the search bar it makes my day ^^ So please ask a lot of questions and comment on what you like, I always love to hear back and get to know who is reading my blog!


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