Breathe- Miss A

Um… yea… er… about that…

The song is about how nervous the singer is around the man she loves. Whenever she plans to confess to him and he appears she can’t focus and can’t breathe anymore. It doesn’t have much depth, those two sentences pretty much sum up the whole song.
Because of you my heart keeps on… / because of you my heart keeps on… / every time you look at me/ every time I think of you/ because of you my heart keeps on…/ oh no oh no oh oh/ I can’t breathe/ no oh no oh no oh oh/ I can’t breathe/ no oh no oh no oh oh/ I can’t breathe/ no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh

You can’t say the dance in this MV is easy, that’s for sure. Even if each individual step seems pretty simple, they never stop moving. Even when standing still they are bouncing to the music. With what I’m seeing in the MV by the end of the song they probably really can’t breathe.

There is absolutely no story to the MV beyond the song itself. The dance is performed on extremely colorful sets. There are some solo shots of the members, but it all on different colorful backgrounds meant to contrast with their clothes and make the singers stand out.

Other Things
Ok, I liked “Good Girl Bad Girl”, so don’t think I’m an anti-fan. This is just my honest opinion: I think this song was a TERRIBLE idea. If Miss A had debuted with this song they would have been run over by the other girl groups. I don’t even think it’s one of those songs that just has to grow on you, it’s annoying. I wish they had comeback with a song that showed off their vocals more, this one seems to just show some of their dancing skills.

The MV was sped up in parts to make the members move faster. With how fast and locked the dance is in the first place it just makes it look like a joke, like some corny comedy scene in a drama.

All in all I really don’t like this MV. It makes Miss A look like some jokey little kid group and kind of ruins the image they worked so hard to create with “Bad Girl Good Girl”. The song doesn’t show off vocals, the dance is too limited and repetitive to show off much other than their synchronization and the MV is too juvenile compared to their other works. That being said with the nature of the dance at the end of these promotions they are going to be in incredible shape, if they don’t completely wind themselves on stage.

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