Announcement- Replacement Category

I’m not doing much with the MV commentary videos. I’m just too busy and to be honest my focus is slipping. Most of what I’ve got to say about commentaries is just expression management and members being late on a move or lipsync mistakes.

Therefore I’m replacing that category. You might not find this one interesting, but I plan to do some work studying this for one of my honors independent research areas in college.

So here it is: The new category won’t be sorted by groups. It will be called “Group Commentary”. Here I will first introduce a group, how they are made up and such, then give my opinion on what they did to gain (or try to gain) popularity, and finally say my own thoughts on them and any flaws in their makeup.

I hope you like this new category and, as always, please feel free to argue with me. Just remember that you can’t just say “That’s dumb” and leave it at that, please give me your opinion on the group as well.

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