Group Commentary- Super Junior- H

Two sub-groups down, two to go.

Member Makeup

This is why I call Super Junior- H the “Twin Brother” of Super Junior- T: There is only one member different between the two groups. Member Heechul from SJT is replaced by member Yesung (specializing in singing). That’s the only difference.

What Made Them Popular

Super Junior- H (standing for “Happy”) tackled the more lighthearted and cute songs. That’s what made them popular right there. After “Don’t Don” and “U” Super Junior’s fan base had grown massively. The charismatic, sexy and serious image the two songs hit them with was a major contrast to the cute and silly side of the sub-group, which drew in a lot of curious fans.

This was a side of SJ little children could have fun listening to, as their title songs were about Pajama Parties and girlfriends who can’t cook (to give you an idea about the nature of the songs). It was definitely a younger audience who would be drawn to the group, but I’m a college student and there are some days where you just need happy music.

How They Did

Super Junior- H seems more popular now that they don’t perform actually. Their songs were popular early on for their unusual style and upbeat pacing, earning them a pretty solid fan following.

Fatal Flaws

So here’s what killed the group: no follow through. Super Junior- H only ever released one mini-album, did many live performances, and then kind of vanished into oblivion. Their songs are still remixed and performed at SJ concerts, but the whole of SJ participates now, not just the members from the original sub-group. This is pretty much the only flaw I could see, they vanished too fast to really identify any issues.

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