Group Commentary- Super Junior- K.R.Y.

three down one to go (this one!!)

Member Makeup

This is an unusual Super Junior sub-group. It consists of only three members. No one dances and they don’t really promote on their own as far as variety shows (they held a concert recently).

Kyuhyun- Singing

Ryeowook- Singing

Yesung- Singing

(Sungmin and Donghae of Super Junior are common singing partners in KRY songs, and Eunhyuk of Super Junior has rapped with them before)

Why They’re Popular

The answer to this is pretty simple: it’s their voices. The three members of KRY are the three lead singers of Super Junior. KRY only sings ballad songs (typically used as OST’s for dramas) and works to put more emotion and deeper meaning into their work than you usually find in dance-groups.

How They Did/How They’ll Do

KRY is very sheltered in comparison to other sub-groups. They promoted initially through talk shows (keeping that more serious image) and still appear on Super Junior albums with their serious and addicting songs. Their popularity won’t die out anytime soon, I think, because fans don’t see them much or often, so they’re still kind of unusual.

In 2007 KRY was to release their album, but a near-fatal car accident put member Kyuhyun at death’s door, so the album was scrapped and songs from it were slipped into Super Junior’s recent “Bonamana” album (that’s why there are so many solo songs and duets between KRY members). There is no work if they will release another album. KRY was formed at the same time as SJT, so since then the members of KRY have been placed in other sub-groups that keep them busy (Kyuhyun and Ryeowook in Super Junior- M and Yesung in Super Junior- H).

Fatal Flaws

Well, this isn’t really a flaw, but the members don’t really have time to release an album. Like I just said Kyuhyun and Ryeowook were placed in Super Junior- M, who is showing no signs of stopping, and while Super Junior- H may not promote anymore Yesung enjoys a very successful career as a musical actor and even sang a solo OST for “Cinderella Sister” which reached unprecedented heights on K-Pop charts (OST’s don’t usually gain such a following).

KRY isn’t going anywhere anytime soon I think. They are like Super Junior- H: not exposed enough to really show any flaws. They seem perfectly content to perform at concerts and record a few songs per Super Junior CD.

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