Group Commentary- Super Junior- T

Ok, one sub-group down, three more to go! ~~

Member Makeup

This sub-group has even less members than Super Junior-M, so I’ll break it down by person again.

Leeteuk: Leader, vocals, DJ

Heechul: Vocals, DJ

Shindong: Dancing, DJ, Rap

Kangin: Vocals, MC, Acting, DJ

Eunhyuk: Dancing, Rap

Sungmin: Singing, Dancing

What Made Them Popular

They were created back in 2006 when the market for Trot (kind of like the Korean version of country music) was at a peak.

This group was the first sub-group of Super Junior, a novelty that helped gain them great popularity along with their odd title song “Rokkugo”, which proved music doesn’t have to make sense.

How They’ll Do

I’m foregoing this category. Super Junior- T is not an active group anymore, so that tells you  how it all worked out.

Fatal Flaws

There were actually a few factors that played into the disbandment of Super Junior- T (which is the twin-brother group of Super Junior- H). However let me point out that while they were supposedly disbanded SJT and their songs are performed more often than Super Junior- H, they just haven’t released anything new and keep performing “Rokkugo”.

I think one of the big factors in this group’s disbandment was that they were the first sub-group. Super Junior, when it was formed, was a rotational group- each year 6 members would leave and 6 new ones would replace them. Before the first round of member “Graduation” SM changed the game-plan and added 13th member Kyuhyun, sealing the group. Amongst all of this they released Super Junior- T. Many fans thought it was a way to disband the core Super Junior, and so they were very unwilling to accept the group (Sub-groups were not so common in this form back then). I think that confusion was a big factor- no one wanted to see the new 13-member Super Junior disband.

Super Junior- T began to build a strong following when member Heechul was injured severely in a car accident, bringing a stop to promotions for a while. They did some other programs after the accident, but they were pretty much overshadowed by the main Super Junior (who gained immense popularity with their song “U”).

Let me say it again though- even though Super Junior- T was disbanded by SM in favor of Super Junior- H, they still perform at all concerts, I think they’ve actually performed more than SJH, whose songs are now performed by the full Super Junior.

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