Group Commentary- Co-Ed School

Ok, so before I begin let me just say that this is entirely directed at the company (Core Contents Media). I think the artists themselves are talented, this isn’t against them at all, please understand! Also, this is a VERY new group, so I won’t post the “Member Makeup” since they are still new and aren’t venturing out of their concept-shell yet.

What (Might) Make Them Popular

Co-Ed School (also just called Co-Ed) is the first ever mixed Korean “Idol” group (I put that in quotes because they are working to achieve Idol Group status, but they’re new so they don’t really have it yet). I know SpongeBand is a mixed group, but they’re indy, and only the guy sings. So far that’s the only draw I’ve seen for this group (remember, SUPER new).

How They’ll Do

I’m really not sure here. See the “Fatal Flaws” section, but it’s too early to tell…

Fatal Flaws

Remember, this is directed at the company and their stylist(s)

So far I’m thinking they’ll crash and burn pretty epically. That is unless their stylist and company wake the hell up mind you. I think the company had better watch their backs, they stole so much from other groups and companies that if they’re not outright sued they will be facing a lot of trouble from fans. Let me break it down:

The Girls:  Half the girls styles are total rip-offs of F(x) NU ABO style. Namely the member with the half green hair (an obvious copy of F(x) leader Victoria, who had half red hair in the EXACT same style) and the member with the bleached bang line. Not sure what that last one meant? Watch F(x)’s NU ABO MV, Krystal’s style is EXACTLY what that member has. It’s an extremely distinctive style developed especially for NU ABO promotions, so it’s a completely obvious rip-off. Also the girls stage clothes (the school girl uniforms) are a total rip off of T-ARA’s in “I Go Crazy Because of You”, but that’s not as scandalous since they’re from the same company.

The Boys: Their style is more original, though they still look like Beast/B2st to me…

The Song: Ok, here’s where I think they might get hit with legal action. The passage of the song “From head to toe all lies”. Actually, just the “From head to toe” part. I get that it’s a simple line and on it’s own it’s harmless, but they abruptly change pace and rythm of the music and singing so you get this background callback to 4Minute’s smash hit “Hot Issue”. If they weren’t adjusting the synthesizer to mimic the song I wouldn’t call them out on it, but they’re pretty obvious about it.

So that’s their fatal flaw: they’re a parrot group. Their song (to a lesser degree) and styles (to an epic degree) are directly copied from other groups. That’s what they’re using as their draw. They’re taking things other groups have made popular and imitating it so that fans will link the two groups on some kind of level, giving them popularity. I hope the next promotion song for this group is something original, and the styles had better be. Really I would like to see this group succeed, but I almost hope they fail just to teach their company a lesson about copying others.

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    Great entry. Looking forward to the next.

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