Eat You Up- BoA

This was BoA’s debut MV when she came to do her promotions in the US (so it’s in English).

The song has a strong dance beat and the lyrics stick to this pretty well. It’s more of a sexy song than BoA’s others. The lyrics talk about wanting a boy much more than any other she’s met. I really don’t know how to describe it, the song is very repetitive.
I’ll eat you up/ oh no oh no/ I’ll eat you up/ your love your love/ woah I’ll eat you up/ woah slow down down/ woah can’t get enough/ woah I think I’m in love

I think this is my favorite of BoA’s dances. A lot of it is in the legs, but there are some moves that stick out from the others and I think really lend themselves to the song.

There isn’t really a story to this MV… But there kind of is… BoA leaves her apartment to go to a dancing audition with her friends and her force is so strong it destroys the audition hall… That’s the best way I can describe it… As strange as that description is it works well with the song, though it doesn’t fit with the story in the lyrics much…

Other Things
It’s a great song and the MV is pretty good, so I totally get why she had such a good run in America (yeah she didn’t get as mainstream as “Lady Gaga” or “Linkin Park”, but you’ll probably recognize a lot of her songs).

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