Hello- SHINee

This is SHINee’s newest MV from their repackaged “Lucifer” album (re-named “Hello”).

The song is a cute little love song similar in pace and tempo to “Noona is so Pretty (Replay)”. In the song they are greeting (or practicing greeting) the girl they are in love with and preparing to confess their feelings to her. Honestly with the way the song bounces back and fourth between asking the girl to understand their nervousness, describing how they are preparing, and speaking directly to the girl herself I think the song is supposed to be the members preparing and practicing what they are going to say to her. That or they are describing how they went about confessing to the girl. The MV kind of lends itself to the first theory though.
Hello, Hello/ I acted confidently/ Hello, Hello/ I want to talk to you for a moment/ Hello, Hello/ I might stutter a little, though/ who knows, we might actually be together

This is extremely different from “Lucifer” or “Ring Ding Dong”. It’s definitely a match to their old style before “Ring Ding Dong” and “Lucifer”.

Story: 5/5
Ok, so there isn’t really much of a story. Throughout the MV you see shots of them preparing to make their confession to the girl. I gave it high points because it was obviously filmed on a stage (not obviously in a bad way, the lighting is just too controlled for it not to have been) and the design is really amazing. Judging by the street sign in the background it’s supposed to  be New York, but it’s kind of clean for that one. I really like how they made the members solo shots stick to that members own personal confession scenario (Onew in a hallway, Taemin in his room, Minho in his car, Key on the staircase, and Jonghyun outside the girls door).

Other Things
I liked “Ring Ding Dong” and “Lucifer” mainly because they were finally out of the skinny jeans and had a more grown up image, especially Taemin. To be honest when I first saw this I was shocked- they actually managed to make Taemin look *more* like a 12 year old!

The style (as far as hair and clothing) is kind of a balance between “Lucifer” and “Juliette”. Yeah the bright colors are back for the most part, but they don’t go as overboard with the pastels as they used to.

I get why SM released this song after “Lucifer”, SM groups are known for their flexibility, and SHINee and F(x) in particular always stay just outside the normal style and patterns for girl and boy groups, so this helps them go back to that after they kind of started to enter the mainstream boy-band market with the more rock style songs.

I think Leader Onew’s style hasn’t changed once since debut…

SHINee and F(x) are extremely close brother and sister groups (their styles are similar and they tend to promote together). This MV kind of brings that to light again- SHINee’s street view looks like a more realistic version of F(x)’s from “Nu ABO”.

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