Announcement- Newness

Ok, I caved. For foreign movies I now have an “Other Languages” category. I’m planning on reviewing some Japanese movies and a Spanish one, so I created that category for these. If I start watching Japanese shows (there are a few I’ve been meaning to check out) then I’ll do the same thing to Television shows. As I still don’t listen to Japanese music other than Tohoshinki I won’t add that category there unless I find at least 4 groups that I really like and follow.

Sorry the MV Blitz got interrupted. I am working on upgrading my MV collection (making sure I have Eng Sub and Raw copies of each MV), so I have been getting really distracted with old favorites that I didn’t necessarily forget. It’s like cleaning your room- you get distracted by the trinkets.

Also I got tons of new CDs ^^ Here is my new collection:

Artist: Son Dam Bi
Album: The Queen

Artist: So Nyeo Shi Dae (Girls’ Generation)
Album: Girls’ Generation (The First Album)

Artist: Super Junior
Album: Sorry, Sorry (Repackaged)
**I had Version A, but not Version C, which has more songs on it ^^

Artist: Super Junior
Album: U (The First Single)

Artist: Super Junior, Dong Bang Shin Ki
Album: Show Me Your Love
**Why yes, this *does* mean that now I have every single Super Junior CD ^^ If only I could find SJT in Korean…

Artist: SHINee
Album: AMIGO (The First Album Repackaged)

Artist: Dong Bang Shin Ki (Rising Gods of the East)
Album: Tri-Angle

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