Announcement- Totally Distracted

I promise I’ll review MVs eventually, seriously promise, but we’re going to go on hiatus for a bit. I’m swamped with work from my classes and from my University in the States. This weekend I’m spending two days in Seoul (I have tickets to see Super Junior’s Yesung in Spamalot!!!), so I won’t be reviewing anything then for sure.

Sorry about the hiatus. Well, I guess not horribly heartbroken, I get to see “Spamalot” finally, but you get the idea.

I’ll try to review some stuff between tomorrow and friday, but no promises.

On my list of MVs that need to be reviewed we have:
Evanescence MVs
BoA’s American MVs
BoA’s Korean MVs
H.O.T. MVs (I actually found some!!!)
U-Kiss’ new MV
Son Dam Bi’s “Queen”
A 4 Minute MV
Hyun-A’s “Change”
A Lady Gaga or two
Adam Lambert

I think that’s it… But I have a whole other list of MVs I need to download before I can review, so I really have a lot to catch up on! And I’ve decided I’m sick of waiting. If I can’t find an MV that I want to review with english hard subs (that means the subs don’t vanish when you download them) then I will just hard sub the video myself and upload it through the site’s YouTube page ( MVCommentaryRBK@youtube). But that’s definitely not happening until I get through all the MVs I listed as well as the ones yet to download.

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