Reverse Stalking- Ok, this time I know what you’re looking for

someone was wondering about “SNSD badmouth Hangeng”. The details of that are under the “Rant” section for the rant “Super Junior- M Rumors”.

Basically there were articles saying that Hangeng said SNSD was one of his reasons for leaving SM Entertainment because the members teased him about being a foreigner. The article said things like SNSD members picking on him for dying his hair for Don’t Don, saying he was trying to look more Korean. It also said SNSD members would tease him and insult him, making his life difficult.

Later it was revealed this article was complete BS. Hangeng had never spoken to the press at this point (it occurred right after he filed lawsuit) and he later said it was completely groundless, that SNSD members were never mean to him. SNSD and SM Entertainment released statements denying this early on, but with Hangeng’s statement clarifying that his reasons for leaving were always only SM Entertainment, never specific groups or people, the story died entirely.

This came out of the fan-war between Super Junior’s E.L.F. and SNSD’s SONE fanclubs. I don’t know why those two clubs hate each other with such a passion, but this isn’t the first time they’ve done something like this. Nearly every plastic surgery rumor over Super Junior and SNSD is a result of the fans bashing the other group. This fan war reached epic proportions during the Dream Concert of 2008, in which SNSD fans (seated on the upper levels) dropped all of the massive Super Junior posters and trampled on them, later resulting in actual physical fighting between the clubs. Since then SONE and E.L.F. are seated separately at the Dream Concert, and for the last 2 years E.L.F. have been seated on the balcony (specific zones are reserved for the fans of certain groups).

The other requests I got were for “Love Frequency” and “Blue Tomorrow” full lyrics  in one language or another. If you look on the side bar under “Full Lyrics” you’ll find what you’re looking for.

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