Reverse Stalking: A couple of things

This one got more requests, so I’ll answer it first. Someone wanted to know where the “Co Ed School Group Blogs” were. Um… I don’t know what that is. You might be looking for the Group Commentary, that’s the closet thing on my site I can think of, and just click “Group Commentary” to find it. If you wanted to see an Artist Profile about them I already said check back in a couple of years, I don’t like to do artist profiles on groups until they’ve been around for a little. The only exception to that rule is F(x), because they’ve worked really hard to promote themselves and have done a lot of work recently. So if Co Ed School does that too then I’ll make a profile for them.

The second question was: “what does 愛不單行 mean”.

愛不單行 is the Chinese name of a Show Luo song that everyone seems to REALLY like, I think it’s the most popular review/full lyrics I’ve ever posted. 愛不單行 has a couple of translations, but the one that is most common is “Love Does Not Travel Alone”. Hope that answers your question!

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