Rant #8- Super Junior M Rumors (Update)

I don’t have all the details yet but Super Junior M made an appearance together in China yesterday and revealed some details about their upcoming album. I don’t know what those details are yet, I have to wait for the fans to report them, but a member was talking about it on his Webio (like Chinese twitter).

Rumors have, inevitably, begun again as to what will happen to Former Leader Hangeng’s empty chair. Apparently there were reports that Super Junior’s Sungmin will be filling his place, but that was an UNCONFIRMED statement, most likely a misunderstanding. Super Junior’s Eunhyuk is another popular rumor. Once again though: SM ENTERTAINMENT HAS SAID NOTHING ABOUT ADDING A NEW MEMBER TO SUPER JUNIOR M. If it is going to happen or not has never been said, so wait a bit and see for yourself what is happening on that field.

Just a little observation. The SJM album probably won’t come out until January. I say this because member Kyuhyun is starring in a musical in Korea until January, so I don’t expect any SJM until that’s done, since he wouldn’t really be able to juggle the schedules of a just-beginning series of promotions with a musical.

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