Announcement- Super Junior & Super Junior-M Update

Since this is kind of my most requested area I’m just going to update in the “Announcement” section and double tag it as an “Announcement” and “Rant”.

I promised to keep you updated on Super Junior-M now that they are preparing to release a new album and there are still dense clouds of fan-rumors around them.

Super Junior:
Super Junior’s Leader Leeteuk revealed via UFO (a website which hosts Super Junior’s FanCafe, kind of like twitter-ish? IDK, it’s hard to describe) that Super Junior will be releasing their 5th album some time in 2011.

Super Junior-M:
SJM (I don’t want to type the whole thing out again) revealed at a fanmeeting in China just a few days ago that they are preparing their new album for release in early 2011 (called it!). Member ZhouMi revealed that the Korean members are currently working hard on learning more Chinese so they can communicate better with the fans.

Once again, no new leader or members have been hinted at or announced. I will update again if they mention either. Have fun speculating on who the new leader is, but I think if I hear any more of “this member will be added to SJM” I just might go crazy(er).

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