Reverse Stalking- Don’t know that one…

Someone was asking about DBSK rumors and some kind of conspiracy… I have no idea what you’re talking about, sorry! I’ve tried to check out DBSK fan sites to find out information about them, but anyone who has tried to check the page of a disbanded group knows it’s pretty impossible to sort through the gunk. Especially with how popular DBSK was and how prolonged their fall was.

If someone could tell me a bit about these rumors and conspiracy it would give me more to go on when I try to look it up online, but without that I really can’t say anything…

Also, I’ve been getting a lot of searches for “Super Junior M” rumors, those are all in “Rant #8” and any update for that rant.

Finally, I keep getting searches for “Super Junior Yesung” or just “Yesung”. Can someone PLEASE tell me what you all are looking for? I seriously get at least 6 searches a day for him. Like I said before,  I reviewed his song under “Super Junior” and it’s on page 2 of the Super Junior reviews.

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