Hidden Away- Josh Groban

Ok, sorry I haven’t been so good with my One-Review-A-Day promise, consider this the start. I will post another review tonight, since I’m busy tomorrow, but I’ll get back to regular work.

Hidden Away is a song encouraging people to stop keeping their hearts guarded and their words locked away. On his YouTube site Josh Groban described this as a message to everyone to not try to contain everything, to speak your mind and say what you want to the ones you love and who care about you. That’s pretty much the kind of song it is.
And all these words/ that you meant to say/held in silence/day after day/Words of kindness/that our pour hearts crave/please don’t keep them hidden away/Sing it out/so I can finally breathe in/I can take in all you say/Holding out for something i believe in/all I really need today/I want to free your heart/I want to see your heart/please don’t keep your heart hidden away.

Josh Groban is a ballad singer, and he’s from the US, these two combined put him as far from dancing as a quadriplegic. No offense to quadriplegic’s.

Story: 3.5/5
It’s incredible, but there is actually a kind of semi-quasi story to this one. In true US style though a story begins with the MV and is kind of dumped and ends up half explain and really not. There is a scene missing. That’s it, one scene at the beginning, even just 15 seconds, and this could have had a perfect score. Anyways, you see Josh Groban putting a letter in his door (which really makes no sense, and by the way his door is unlocked, so thieves should attack) and walking away sadly. A while later a girl comes home, takes the letter, and starts to walk after him. You never know their story, so ignore it.  You see three other people in the MV. A lonely little girl waiting for someone, a girl in either late junior high or high school sitting alone at a bus stop, and a stressed and harried business man. By the end of the MV they all get something they’ve wanted. Josh Groban’s girl comes to see him play for a small room, the little girl get’s her father home to hug her, the school girl gets her friends and the business man gets a drink with someone he loves. It’s kind of half-done, but oh well.

Other Things
The fact that it was a quasi-story MV is a huge improvement. I love Josh Groban’s voice, but face the facts, he’s really boring to actually sit down and watch. Fans really need his CDs, DVDs will make you bored out of your mind. His MVs are usually just shots of him singing and playing the piano, so I really like that this one has at least some changes in scenery, even though most shots of him are still him sitting and playing the piano.

I’m just venting here, but Josh Groban and his producer really need to wake up. It’s been over 2 years since his last CD, for the last 2 years he’s been living off promoting his old CD. This CD he’s been pushing slowly out for MONTHS. Hidden Away was released as an MP3 a month and a half ago, if not 2 months. He’s still saying his CD will “Come out soon”, and the MV is just now being released. This is ridiculous. I’m only a fan of his voice, at this point, when you compare him to other singers, he just comes out as lazy. Plus his concert tickets are at obnoxiously high prices so it’s like impossible for a fan with a normal income to afford to go (I was planning on going to one a while ago, the worst seats in the venue were still $190 a seat).

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