Hoot- So Nyeo Shi Dae/Girls’ Generation

This song is brilliant, and I love the girls’ style, but the story in the MV is shaky at best…

Hoot is kind of a watered-down Run Devil Run. It’s talk back to a guy who is being annoying or mean and might be cheating. Run Devil Run had a very “GTFO-or-die” feel, this is kind of like the warm up for it. They’re saying be ready, because I’m coming after you.
Because of you my heart is wearning armor/ I’ll fight you back now/ your arrows are trouble, trouble trouble/ you aimed at me/ you shoot shoot shoot/ i hoot hoot hoot/ your poisonous words gave me scars/ but I gave you a second chance/ like I expected/ you’re trouble trouble trouble/ you sought the right time/ you shoot shoot shoot/ i hoot hoot hoot

The dance follows the lyrics pretty strongly. It’s got this weird hands on stomach move that looks a little awkward, but from what I see the members of SNSD are all perfectly in sync and look great. The scenes where they are divided into groups of three are a bit awkward, the members don’t see to have a strong idea of what they’re supposed to be doing, their choreography or their own thing.

Story: kind of/5
There is supposed to be a story in the MV, but there isn’t really one. It starts with Super Junior’s Siwon following some criminal into an old house with his gun drawn (he’s supposed to be 007 or something). The members dance goes on behind the walls where he can’t see, and in the end he manages to catch up with the criminal. The members clothes are all 007-era (mod squad) get-ups. I think there are too many shots of the members dancing, so you really don’t get a story, just a partial one.

Other Things

The song’s pace is brilliant. The music and singing pitch are all based around the classic James Bond type music. It has a great beat and I’m sure this will do wonderfully.

This gets it’s own paragraph: Tiffany should burn that blond wig. And it’s good that Jessica is finally back to at least a kind of shade of brown. She doesn’t stand out as much and it gives the other members some turn in the spotlight.

There is a pretty even cover of the members in the MV, except for Hyoyeon. They really need to give her more face time. She gets the least in every MV, since debut.

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