I’ll Be Back- 2 PM

I actually like this MV more as I re-watch it. My initial impressions were not great, I’ll admit.

The song is a promise at the end of a bad relationship. The guys are agreeing to step back and leave, but they swear to return when the girl is ready to accept that no one can love her as much as they do. It is also their side of the argument, asking how the girl’s feelings could change so much.
I’ll be back/ you’re going to look for me again/ I’ll come back then/ Because no one can love you as much as I do/ You’ll be back/ you’re going to come back to me/ that’s why I’m letting you go/ I know it/ you can’t live without me/ I’ll be back

This is where my issues really come from. The dance looks kind of stupid. The run in place is a bad move, and the go forward and slide back looks just as awkward. A song like this has a good beat for stronger dancing, but the run in place??? Seriously??? I could deal with the slide back, but the run in place I can’t get past. It gets better during the verses, but the chorus…

There is absolutely no story even carried in the MV through sets. The members are all in different spaces with lights flashing, and the group dances are just in larger abstract areas. The MV and the song are related only by their pace, not through any visual clues.

Other Things
Stay tuned after the MV for some kind of dance-aerobics thing.. I don’t get what the point of this is at all…

All in all I think the most work went into the song. I like 2PM, and their styles are pretty good (what is on Junsu’s face???), and the sets look pretty cool. But the dance holds it back in my book… The song is catchy though, and I like the attitude of it.

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