Reverse Stalking- Wow, there’s a lot today…

Ok, I just copied the list of things everyone is asking, since a lot of it I need to address…

girl in josh groban hidden away
member profile black pearl korea
kangta song love frequency lyrics
super junior blue tomorrow lyrics chines
da lung pink panther song
its loo late co ed lyrics
super junior in abroad
yesung super junior
chang ryul father boys over flowers

Let’s address these one at a time, shall we?

1) Girl in Josh Groban Hidden Away
I don’t know who she is. I’m assuming you mean the girl who ends up with Josh Groban, but I really can’t tell you anything here. I don’t even have anything to search off of.

2) Member Profile Black Pearl Korea
Uh… Is that a band? I’ve honestly never heard of them before, and YouTube isn’t giving me anything back, and Google is just giving me “Pirates of the Caribbean”. If you could let me know who they are and link me to some MVs I can review them, but like I’ve said before, no Artist Profiles unless I’m very familiar with the group’s work.

3) Kangta song love frequency lyrics
You’ll find those under “Full Lyrics” if you click on Kangta’s name. Fun fact- the song lyrics were written by Super Junior’s Zhou Mi ^^

4) Super Junior blue tomorrow lyrics “chines”
I know you mean “Chinese”. You’ll find those under “Full Lyrics” if you click “Super Junior”. The Korean and Chinese Full Lyrics are separate, so make sure you’re looking at the right ones, though the Chinese and Korean characters are a dead giveaway… English translations are, as always, the last thing on any Full Lyric article.

5) Da lung Pink Panther song
I reviewed “Hi My Sweetheart” as the first TV show I’ve ever done, so it’s kind of buried. I’m not sure why you’re specifically looking for the song though…

6) It’s too late coed lyrics
You’ll find that under “Full Lyrics” by the group name (Filed here as “Co Ed School”). English translation is the last thing on any “Full Lyrics” section after native characters and romanization.

7) Super Junior in abroad
Uh~ You’ll have to be way more specific. Super Junior does activities overseas and even has a sub-group who promotes almost exclusively in China and Taiwan.

8) Yesung Super Junior
Someone seriously tell me why this is among my top searches every day, what are you looking for? I can help you better if I know.

9) Chang Ryul father boys over flowers
The actor who played Chang Ryul’s father in “Personal Taste” played Jan Di’s father in “Boys Over Flowers”. That’s all I know.

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