Announcement- Sorry!

I *know* I’m two days behind on my reviews, sorry! It will be 3 days before I finally post (not three days from now, day after tomorrow I’ll post 4 reviews in a row).

I had my Korean lessons yesterday and today and I have to go teach English to 5th graders tomorrow so I’ve spent the day online trying to find worksheets that are engaging enough that they won’t blast through them but simple enough that they can understand them…

Anyways! Enough venting, I promise to get the reviews to you. I’m taking this “1-a-day” thing very seriously!

And I still am having trouble with the FT Island MVs. Those of you who have been with this site for a while know of my sudden realization that the music videos for FT Island, at least a lot of the early ones, seem to fit together to form a mega-story. Well, I’ve given up on trying to put them in some kind of order and figure them out, so I’ll just go back to reviewing them like normal.

For my reviews I just wanted to say that new MVs will have priority.

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