Love Like Oxygen- SHINee

I’m actually favoring this one quite strongly right now, which is weird because I honestly wasn’t a fan when I first heard it, it was too boyband-y.

The song is very similar to “Lucifer” and “Amigo”… It’s odd how many SHINee songs are about being in a restricting love when you actually think about it… Anyways, this song is about being madly in love with a girl who is cold and distant (like “Lucifer” and “Amigo”~). It talks about how the girl is like oxygen or ice. She’s cold and distant, but can freeze the guy in place, or she is like oxygen (well, water vapor actually) the way she erodes the guy, referred to as chrome here. The chorus is really short here, but it repeats with a lot of mini verses in it.
“You’re like oxygen/ when I try to drink you in/ I can’t breathe you out/ in this intense agony/ can’t you see I’m dying like this?”

One of the hardest things to make look decent is a chair dance, and this MV heavily features the members dancing around chairs. It really works for this song though, I think it is the first time I’ve seen a chair dance that wasn’t just awkward… But the style fits very well, so I like it ^^

None here, just a few solo shots of members (with the same background for the most part) and a lot of group shots. I like it though, everything is kept pretty light and while the backgrounds of I think 3 members are the same the color of the light is different. Each member has their own color in this MV, and it worked well. Taemin is black, Key is pink, Minho is blue, Jonghyun is yellow or gold and leader Onew is green.

Other Things
The pace of the song is good, but I think they have Jonghyun singing in the background a little too much, especially during the rap. Plus the rap doesn’t really fit into the song well…

While I like this MV it isn’t one of my favorites for them. I like the jazz music style, but they were still new and still have that “I need to stand out” look to them. I totally get it, they were still making the name SHINee stick, and it’s the same for most bands. I should be thankful they didn’t say their name in the song ^^

Random thing I’d like to point out- Taemin looks older in this MV than in their newest, “Hello”… I get that he’s one of the babies of the Korean music industry, but he’s not Peter Pan, eventually they’ll have to let the boy have a grown up image for keeps~

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