I didn’t mean for this to turn into a SHINee MV review streak, but I’m really surprised I got so far behind on this group, I like them…

The song is kind of like a faster version of “Hello”, or I guess “Hello” is a slow version of this. This song is really what made SHINee mainstream. The song is a kind of personal pep-talk before confessing to a seemingly cold girl they like. I can’t say much about it, it’s very simple.
A.Mi.Go! I lose my mind when I see her/ A.Mi.Go! I’m unable to grab her by this hand/ A.Mi.Go!  I take courage, I pitch up!/ what do I do/ what do I do/ A.Mi.Go! I toss away my pride/ A.Mi.Go! My fast-beating heart bursts/ A.Mi.Go! The feeling of having her is great/ I might die, I think I’ll die

It’s hard to comment on that, you hardly see the dancing. Most shots are solo and “story” shots (I’ll complain about it later).

Story: What???/5
There is a story in this, that is sure, what is unclear is what the hell is supposed to be going on… In a train station Minho freezes when he sees a pretty girl, she strokes his chest as she passes and steals what I think is supposed to be his soul, then he runs all over the city to catch her, ending on a roof top where she gives him back his yellow-light-whatever and he reaches out to her like he’s going to steal her soul. I guess it’s a metaphor, but it’s way too abstract for this story. Plus when he reaches to take her soul or whatever the camera angle and expression just make it look like he’s about to grope her chest…

Other Things
The title of the song might confuse you. “A.Mi.Go!” is pronounced just like the Spanish word “Amigo” (friend), but that’s not what it is going for. “A.Mi.Go.” is the shortened form of the Korean phrase “아름다운 미녀를 좋아하면 고생한다”, romanized as “Areumdaun MInyeorueljoahamyeon GOsaenghanda”. It means “your heart aches when you fall in love with a beauty”, which explains the song a lot more. Now it sounds like all of SHINee’s songs though, with little exception they all seem to be about falling into a tough love…

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