In Your Hands (English Version)- Xing

Ok, so this isn’t really one of my favorite MVs, honestly it’s a little awkward, but I love the song so much I had to tag it as a favorite.

It’s a love song. Pure and simple. But it sounds more like a plea at times. From the lyrics I think it’s about having been lonely and in pain before meeting a perfect woman, then the girl left and now they are begging her to come back. That or they were lonely and then met the girl and are just telling her how much they love her, it kind of flops back and fourth on that point…
Lonely, I was alone/ ’till you came in my life/ without you babe/ it’s so hard/ ’cause I need you here by my side/ you are my everything/ there’s no one that could take your place/ come to me/ the only thing I want this winter is you

Xing doesn’t dance, plus this particular song is actually a solo, I’ll explain later.

Nothing, just shots of Kevin singing.

Other Things
Xing’s claim to fame was their American member Kevin, also one of their most popular for being cute. There are a few instances where they had Kevin record an English version of one of their songs, and this is the only case where I think an official English version MV was made too. So this song is just Kevin, not the whole group, but it was released under the group’s name so that’s where I’m putting it on this site.

Back to my mini-hared of U-Kiss’ styles- with Xing Kevin never had much makeup on, and he looks WAY cuter. Even in U-Kiss programs where he doesn’t wear much makeup he looks great. I think this is the best appearance Kevin has had in an MV hands down. The very little makeup works very well for him, and I love his outfit.

So why it’s a little awkward (really why any Xing MV is a little awkward): Kevin doesn’t know what to do. A lot of singers are awkward with solo shots, not just him, but this is a solo MV of one such singer, and there is no story (which I think would have improved it). So there is a lot of reaching out towards the camera and putting a hand on his chest. Too much~~~

I honestly don’t get the title, the words never appear… Maybe it makes more sense in the Korean version.

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