Ring Ding Dong- SHINee

Wow, sorry guys, I didn’t realize I was lacking on the SHINee reviews so badly! I have all of their MVs in my vault, I just tend to watch them without English subs, so I didn’t realize I had only reviewed “Lucifer” and “Hello” for you!

“Ring Ding Dong” is supposed to be the sound you hear in your head when you meet the girl (or guy I guess) of your dreams. This song is similar to “Sorry, Sorry” by Super Junior in that it’s a kind of arrogant love song (actually, it’s the same writer, so it’s the brother-song to “Sorry, Sorry”). Ring Ding Dong is a faster and more rock-style SHINee song asking the girl why she’s leaving the guys hanging and promising to love her. They also say that even though they may seem like a “bad-boy” that isn’t the case. Also as is the style of SHINee the chorus is very short and repetitive, all the action is in the verse. There are actually two repeated sections in the song, and you can think of either as a chorus, but they aren’t really attached. I’ll post both below.
Ring ding dong/ ring ding dong/ ring diggi ding diggi ding ding ding/ ring ding dong/ ring ding dong/ ring diggi ding diggi ding ding ding/ ring ding dong/ ring ding dong/ ring diggi ding diggi ding ding ding/ ring ding dong/ ring ding dong/ ring diggi ding diggi ding ding ding

and number 2
Baby, I can’t stop my heart/ oh crazy, so pretty I can’t bear it/ so crazy, if it isn’t you I don’t need it/ crazy, why am I like this?

The dance this time doesn’t really follow the song, but it fits perfectly with it. When they do the “Ring Ding Dong” part they sway to the side and hold their hands out, like the girl has kind of made them swoon or something and they’re catching themselves, but it works well. My personal favorite is whenever they say “butterfly”, they do a motion representing a butterfly with their hands (the member saying the word) and it looks cool.

No story, but the set is cool. It’s kind of a dark and dingy roof top most of the time, but you also get some shots inside a rundown building or car. The car shots are honestly kind of stupid, but I like the ones where the car is parked and they are dancing in water. I’m also not a fan of the last series of shots where the members sprout dark wings. I don’t understand it and it looks kind of dumb…. But I LOVE the shot where Key is in front of a mirror, walks away, and the mirror-Key looks at the camera, that’s a good call!

Other Things
This was the first shot of “Bad Boy SHINee”, “Lucifer” being the second (and last…). I like that they aren’t doing their jazz-style, as much as I like it this is a nice break. I understand completely why they didn’t keep the image though, they are brilliant, but they kind of loose their image of being just out of sync with other boy bands. I like that SHINee is always one or two steps from center, it keeps them famous ^^

Anyone else think it’s hilarious that the line “I’m a bad boy” belongs to Onew, the only member who I think it may be impossible to make look intimidating? And what is with Taemin drinking milk??? I know he’s the maknae (youngest member), but he’s still like 16 at this point. I don’t know about you, but I think the milk is like a 6 year old thing, not a 16 year old.

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